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i-RED Infrarot Systeme GmbH

spectroscopic inline process monitoring

We offer a comprehensive know-how in the realization of spectroscopic measurement devices
for the control and optimization of chemical and physical production processes.

The technological core of our process monitoring systems consists of an i-RED process spectrometer
which is specially designed and optimized for industrial use.

Analysis of your production process with regard to inline process measurement technology

We analyze your production process and search for ways in which you can get more quality information in real time at critical points in the manufacturing process. This can help you achieve a more efficient and secure process management through shorter down times and lower failure costs.

Feasibility studies for the industrial application of spectroscopy

We explore which spectroscopic technology meets your application and your precision requirements. This is usually done by means of preliminary examinations in the laboratory, in a pilot plant, or by means of a time-limited test operation in your production plant.

Spectroscopic process monitoring systems

We offer you a spectroscopic measuring system integrated into your plant. We regard ourselves as a provider of complete solutions and can bring a broad field of competence ranging from the mechanical and optical design of application-specific measurement optics to the development of adapted software, automation, communication and visualization solutions.

Automated spectroscopic measurement systems

We design, fabricate and install turn-key, highly automated spectroscopic solutions such as scanning systems or automated high-throughput analysis stations.

FTNIR / FTIR process spectrometers

To offer optimal solutions for various industrial branches and applications, i-RED has developed its own process spectrometer technology. This technology platform is the product of long-standing research and development in the field of near infrared (NIR) and mid infrared (MIR) spectroscopy.

The result is an optimization of the robustness, compactness and cost-efficiency combined with the high precision of the classic FTIR- principle to meet the requirements in high-standing industrial applications.


  • Unmatched performance stability through the use of a robust monolithic interferometer; no adjustment necessary; maximum long-term stability and reliability in continuous operation
  • Maintenance-free hardware thanks to semiconductor laser as reference laser
  • Real-time data processing (DSP); chemometric data evaluation on system level; up to 80 spectra and quality statements per second
  • Integrated PLC for implementation of automated measurement procedures
  • Industrial interfaces (e.g. CANopen), project specific analog and digital IO
  • Remote control and remote maintenance (LAN)
  • Miniaturization; frame size: 19-inch rack, 3U
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DatA analysis and modeling

In order to provide you with the maximum amount of information from your measurement data, we draw on extensive expertise in the area of multivariate data analysis, model development and the fully automatic evaluation of measurement data in real time.

comprehensive support package

To ensure trouble-free operation of the process monitoring system, we offer a comprehensive maintenance and support concept for all hardware and software components and for the chemometric evaluation models.


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